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HYCOR is an international engineering company in the fields of water, wastewater and environmental infrastructure projects. For the past 25 years, HYCOR focused on and excelled in providing innovative water and wastewater treatment solutions to its clients across the globe.    


HYCOR’s sewage treatment plants recycle millions of gallons of wastewater per day, providing crystal clear treated sewage effluent (TSE) which is utilized for re-use, irrigation, landscaping or safe environmental return.  


HYCOR provides wastewater solutions to an extensive range of industries customized and pre-engineered to meet virtually every wastewater treatment requirement.  

Drinking water treatment is also a major part of HYCOR’s activities with hundreds of diverse reference projects ranging from filtration, softening and disinfection to desalination.


As a total solution provider, HYCOR undertakes a wide range of projects in the field of environmental engineering.  Among others HYCOR offers hi-tech sludge and solid waste management solutions, odour control systems, Solar drying systems and CO2 production facilities.


Placing service excellence as a prime target to our continued development and expansion, HYCOR team includes highly specialized engineering and technical personnel whose responsibility is to provided post execution support on demand or on long-term operation and maintenance contracts.


Research and Development (R&D) in innovative technologies has been a key element of HYCOR success. HYCOR in cooperation with a global network of affiliated companies are involved in R&D by setting up and running of pilot plants, monitoring and data acquisition from existing installations as well as prototype development of specialized water and wastewater equipment.  By staying focused on our commitment to continual improvement, we consistently strengthen our market leadership position. Most importantly, we hold our clients’ interests as our own, which results in the expansion of our customer base and the broadening of our global market share.

The continuous acquisition of knowledge and experience on emerging and cutting edge water, wastewater and environmental engineering technologies enables HYCOR to effectively incorporate the latest technological advancements into the design, fabrication, construction and system service after sale.