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HYCOR's traditional markets have been Europe and the Middle East regions. With the growing demand for potable water and the necessity for purifying wastewater, HYCOR’s capacity allows for delivering turn-key solutions in the broad water, wastewater and environmental fields across the globe.  HYCOR recognizes the ever increasing environmental concerns and is tackling the challenges of pollution with innovative designs and solutions.

HYCOR serves the European and African markets through the establishments in Cyprus and Romania.  HYCOR has expanded its operations with special focus on the GCC region.  The Dubai based office is dedicated to provide high quality standards to our clients in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Yemen. Our Middle East operations also cover Iraq, Jordan, Sudan and North Africa regions.

Our team of highly qualified specialists ensures the optimization of the offered solutions to adapt to the specific requirements of our Clients.  Data acquisition is achieved through professional questionnaires, site visits and field studies. 

HYCOR expertise encompasses a variety of solutions thereby allowing us to benefit from a diverse market that includes the following market fields:


The need for water and wastewater treatment is expanding with the increase in population. Municipalities are facing increased shortages for fresh water and increased need for wastewater treatment. Water reclamation and reuse is necessary to protect our water sources. HYCOR has the ability to offer the most modern and economical solutions by providing the most effective technologies for water, wastewater treatment and environmental engineering. 


Wastewater Treatment:

Biological processes in combination with other unit processes, have proven to be effective in the treatment of wastewater to meet regulatory reclaimed water standards. HYCOR has several successful references in delivering advanced Sewage Treatment Plants to achieve low effluent concentrations of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (B.O.D.), Chemical Oxygen Demand (C.O.D.), Nutrients and Microbiological pollutant limits.  HYCOR has effectively implemented the use of various combinations of Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Advanced treatment technologies to comply with today's ever stringent environmental discharge standards.


Water Treatment:

Water purification systems for surface water and dams have been implemented by HYCOR to provide our Clients with potable drinking water, which matches the WHO standards. For Salty water from Wells and Sea, the Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems have been designed and built to produce quality drinking water for cities and towns, communities, developments, remote areas, construction camps, hotels, off-shore drilling sites and production platforms. Source water at these sites has ranged from surface water, to brackish water to extremely salty sea water.



Water Purification systems are used by industrial clients, to prepare water for boiler make-up, beverage manufacture, for direct use as process water, and for rinsing critical electronic components and other purposes. HYCOR is active in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological industry, supplying purified water systems suitable for different industrial applications. HYCOR also supplies systems and equipment components for various product separations and concentrations.

Our industrial clients have chosen HYCOR to provide them with a single source solution for all their treatment needs including: Food and Beverage, Water Bottling, Pharmaceuticals, Paper and Pulp, Fertilizer Steel Fabrication, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, and much more.



HYCOR offers complete systems for applications in the Utility sector. Recently, the co-generation industry has been requiring complete systems with increasingly challenging designs that require virtually "ZERO" liquid discharge. HYCOR has the engineering expertise and experience to design and furnish complete "ZERO DISCHARGE" water treatment equipment systems such as Makeup demineralizers, Makeup mixed beds, condensate filters and polishers. HYCOR also works closely with District Cooling providers to deliver proper water characteristics for the cooling towers through multiple cycle processes.