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CO2 System


CO2 know-how for complete CO2 solution

Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless, non-flammable and slightly acidic gas. It is used in water and wastewater treatment applications for pH control, adjustment as well as remineralization of water treated by reverse osmosis. For pH control, the carbon dioxide is a mineral acid substitute, which is less susceptible to over-dosing and safer to handle. Carbon dioxide can also be supplied as a cryogenic liquid with a boiling point of -57°C.


HYCOR offer a full turnkey solution for Liquid CO2 Packages.

1- Vacuum insulated storage tanks

The tanks can be either vertical or horizontal, depending on space and height restrictions on site. They can be manufactured to ASME or EU standards as per project specifications.


2- Ambient Vaporisers

Made of Aluminium, the ambient vaporizers are ideal for vaporizing liquid CO2 to CO2 gas prior to injection into the water.   


 3- Dosing & Control System

Available in manual or automatic, the latter being controlled by a 4-20 mA signal regulated by PLC, Flowmeter or pH analyzer downstream the injection point.

The system comes with, shut off valves, pneumatic control valves, filters, pressure and temperature gauges, control panel, and can be customized to customer’s requirements.



4- Installation, Commissioning, Customer Training, as-built drawings and documentation

HYCOR provides turn key solutions, starts from the preparation of the design, up to installation and commissioning of CO2 system. We offer onsite fabrication of all inter-connection piping & fittings through our team of qualified engineers, welders and technicians. The material is made of SS 316 L to meet high specifications of a corrosive location. We also offer commissioning of the plant and first fill of tanks and as built drawings.