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Oceans cover 97% of the earth, making them the primary source of water for 60% of the world’s population that lives near coastal areas. With advancements in membrane technology, energy recovery devices and energy efficient pumps, desalination process using Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes has become the first viable solution for public and private sectors. HYCOR has installed and commissioned several RO plants which are designed to meet client’s requirements.  

A typical RO plant consists of pre-treatment using different type of sand filters and micro-filters, desalination using RO membranes and post-treatment systems for conditioning final product to drinking water standards. A complete desalination facility also includes development of the seawater supply system, pipe networks and product storage facilities. With many variables to control the unpredictable nature of the water feed special attention is given to the ease of process control and adjustment as well as the minimization of the energy consumption per cubic meter of product water. HYCOR engineers RO plants in various configurations ensuring the satisfaction of specific client needs while maintaining the highest quality standards for every facet of the projects. 

Mobile, containerized or stationary desalination plants are made available by HYCOR to cover a broad spectrum of product output and adapt to specific side conditions.